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Devin Nunes - Stop hiding!

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Representative Devin Nunes has not held any type of open constituent forum in his District CA22 in over 7 years.  Even those which he has held years ago had been limited to a specific topic such as repealing ACA. A 'water forum' held last year and was specifically targeted to a that one issue and was not a give and take or open forum.  He states that his communication with constituents is achieved quite well through staff members and via local radio station KMJ 580 call-ins.  Nunes has consistently said that individuals  asking for a Town Hall are 'left wing activists looking for a YouTube moment'.  Nunes' staff has stated that those asking for Town Halls are likely PAID.  Most recently, Nunes has stated that it is 'too dangerous' to hold a Town Hall after the Scalise shooting saying the 'radical left' has become increasingly violent.  Nunes attends multiple GOP fundraisers while on recess vs meeting with constituents.

We are not PAID.  We are not VIOLENT.  We are not looking for PUBLICITY.   This petition will be HAND DELIVERED to Nunes' DC Office as well as mailed.

We simply want to speak with our rep and hear his answers face-to-face on topics such as his YES vote on AHCA.  The House AHCA bill detrimentally affects tens of thousands in his District and the Senate version is no better.  We also want to hear his rationale about his unwavering support of Donald Trump; creating road blocks to an open independent investigation of the Russian influence on our elections.

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