Reopen the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry Crossing

Reopen the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry Crossing

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We Must Bring This Route Back..... And Soon! 

In September 2014, a very special route from the UK to Scandinavia closed down. This route was the last ever route from the UK to Denmark and the last route to anywhere in Scandinavia. Now we are left with the long drive via Dover/Newcastle or an even longer journey for foot passengers who used to use the route. The DFDS Dover to Calais/Dunkirk service do not allow foot passengers, therefore we are forced to go via Newcastle/Amsterdam. Passengers now face further issues, since they were barred from the freight routes to Sweden and Norway.

'To Travel is to live' - Hans Cristian Andersen 

The famous Danish author once said 'To Travel Is To Live' meaning that you can only live once you have travelled. Now the historical route that began during Hans' time has been lost due to various reasons that amount to nothing in the grand scheme of ferry travel in the United Kingdom, and abroad. 

Reasons included the cost of complying with EU sulphur rules, falls in passenger numbers, competition from low cost flights and the loss of duty free sales. The emission regulations were met when Sirena Seaways was fitted with scrubbers after it left the route, since going to Brittany Ferries for its cross channel and Bilbao services. Now renamed the Baie de Seine, the ship is due to return to DFDS sometime after October 2019. It will be a golden opportunity for DFDS to trial a return to the route many so desperately need. Low cost airlines are facing increasing challenges and many have fallen by the wayside, they do not provide the means to travel in comfort taking as much luggage as a holiday to Scandinavia requires and they do not compare favourably on emissions. The ship now meets the new regulations on emissions, duty free sales will be an option once more post Brexit and, equally important, Danish media and politicians are showing increasing interest in the campaign.

We are very proud of where this petition has gone, and as of 11/3/16 we have our first endorsement from the Harwich MP. In the last six months of 2018 the petition count doubled to almost 12000. Interest is increasing and RHEG will not go away.

RHEG is very proud to be the largest online community who campaign to get this ferry back, and we will continue to champion this case until we succeed!

If you have any questions or queries please visit our Facebook group or contact us on the links below.

Thanks for signing, and I hope you can soon enjoy a relaxing crossing to Denmark. 

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21,078 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!