Please cancel your performance at SeaWorld

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Dear REO Speedwagon please watch the informative documentary ‘Blackfish’ & cancel your gig at SeaWorld  like musicians Willie Nelson, Barenaked Ladies & Heart have done.   I’m sure once you’ve watched the documentary you will no longer want to perform at SeaWorld, you could make such a difference, as by not performing will lead to more public awareness of the plight these beautiful marine mammals endure daily which is a life of captivity & misery,  in the wild they swim hundreds of kilometers a day but here they are contained in concrete bathtubs for the rest of their lives.  Times are changing and there is no place in the 21st century for marine parks in the world.  


Since the early 1990's in the UK there have been no captive dolphins or whales on display, public opinion in England on the confinement of these sentient, intelligent marine mammals in a totally un-natural environment purely for public entertainment began to change. The moral issue of keeping such wide-ranging marine mammals in a cramped space, performing for their food under the guise of education or research began to be questioned. Dolphins and whales were in captivity for one reason and one reason only, to make money.  PLEASE CANCEL YOUR GIG  & show your fans you care.  These wonderful marine mammals need to be in their natural environment & free.




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