Pass all University of Houston students And give them credit for the spring semester

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Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, UH has done its part in encouraging social distancing and sanitation by moving all classes online and closing all on-campus housing facilities. While now this seems like a good solution, we believe that to maximize benefits and satisfaction, the best solution would be to end all classes and give all students at University of Houston a "Pass" and award them their class credits for their spring semester. Achieving this would have a widespread positive effect on students and the teaching staff by removing the stress that classes and class activities, such as attendance, grading, make-up work, and scheduling cause. We also have to take into consideration that many classes here are not structured to be taken online and rely on group work and in-person interactions and demonstrations so that students may properly absorb all information needed to excel in that particular class and future classes relating to it. Furthermore, we believe that it would be unfair to students if classes were simply canceled and the students weren't given any credit, because the students have already invested their time and money into these classes and the cancelation of class without credit would cause students to attend school an additional semester, forcing students to pay for another semester worth of tuition with money that most of us do not have. Additionally, While the teaching staff does great work, a number of them are unfamiliar with running an online course and this could affect the teaching and learning of a subject negatively, causing students who would normally excel in a subject to possibly struggle or fail the course. Finally, we feel that this would allow all students and staff to fully focus on taking proper precautions against COVID-19 so that in the fall we may resume the commitments we made to UH and our own educations.