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Rental Price Caps NOW in Jersey Channel Islands

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A law to limit rental prices are required in Jersey. The prices of rents have gone mad. They are not in line with salary increases or standard of accommodation. Normal people are being crucified and forced into a position of not being able to save, living pay check to pay check or having to share with other families. Normal people can't even try to get onto the housing market in Jersey because the rents are so extortionate and unrealistic no one could ever save up a deposit. Normal people are being prevented from a stable decent standard of accommodation in Jersey for a reasonable price in line with increase in salary when you move from UK.

Jersey needs to brought in line with the UK (both in price and standard), when you come to Jersey you may get a 20% maybe 30% increase in salary. Rent costs however are 500% increase on UK rents if registered status and 370% increase on UK rents if licenced status. Tax can be ignored as there is not a lot of difference between UK and Jersey tax now. This is not economical for anyone other than landlords!

Regulations need to be brought in to make the prices sensible and in line with salary increases and standard of accommodation (which is a whole other issue in Jersey).

In Jersey it is common practice to see people sharing into their 40's and families sharing because of the crazy rent prices which appear to be getting worse and worse. In the UK sharing happens at university and rarely after that. Why is Jersey when it is in the British Isles not keeping itself up to the standards of a UK country? Instead it appears to be aiming it's standards at 3rd World levels for the normal people.

In my opinion Jersey is clearly all about making the rich richer and the poor poorer. The main aim in Jersey appears to be to bring only the rich into the island. Well guess what, you will still need normal people to serve in the restaurants, bars, hotels etc. It is about time Jersey started working for the whole community and not just the rich and privileged.

The benefits of rent caps are that it helps maintain diversity  and stability in neighbourhoods. Also it might actually give normal people the chance to save and get on the property ladder or alternatively have some disposable income. We all know if someone has disposable income it will likely go straight back into the economy again through spending. It would also make it economical sense for people renting.

We need to start considering everyone in Jersey, it is time! Rental Price Caps need brought in now in Jersey.