Rent control in NB

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The prices for rent are out of control and are barely affordable. There needs to be something done as our homeless population is increasing, and families are having a hard time to make ends meet.

An average 2 bedroom in an older apartment building (30+yrs old) is over $900.00 and in the new complexs being built in New Brunswick are going for over $1,500 (nothing included). With minimum wage based at under $12.00/hr at a 40hrs week over half of a persons income goes to paying rent, not including paying heat and lights or trying to put food on their table.

Also, tenants should not have to face substancial increases in rent (over $200.00) a month because their is no rent control, to keep landlords from raising rent within a feasable amount.

In addition, in order for people in New Brunswick to attain affordable housing our government needs to STOP DOUBLE TAXING landlords which only causes financial hardship for people looking for affordable housing.

In closing, discrimination of pets (cats/dogs) should not be allowed also. With the new laws not allowing cats to be declawed, it will make it that much harder for tenants with pets