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Shadowhunters has created a story unlike so many others we often see on television. Aside from its creativity, we see a tremendous support for POC communities, where characters such as Magnus Bane, Luke Garroway, and Maia Roberts are recognized as strong figures in positions of power unlike so many other popular shows and movies. Shadowhunters also strongly recognizes and celebrates the LGBTQ community with Magnus Bane, a bisexual high warlock in a relationship with Alec Lightwood, a gay man whom is also leader of the New York Shadowhunters. Aline Penhallow, a lesbian Shadowhunter, Underhill, a gay Shadowhunter, and Ollie and Sam, a lesbian mundane couple. Powerful women are also strongly depicted within the show, with admirable characters such as Clary Fray, Isabelle Lightwood, Maryse Lightwood, Maia Roberts, Catarina Loss, Dorothea Rollins, the Seelie Queen, and even the evil queen of demons, Lilith. In all, Shadowhunters has given hope to those whom had believed they would never be truly represented in modern media, and was on its way to becoming even more accurately representative of the world’s population. Unfortunately, unless another network or organization does something about this undeserving cancellation, it will never have the chance.