Renewable Energy by 2020!

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More Renewable Energy by 2020! Make fossil fuels a thing of the past, not the future. Attack laws that put nature/Earth behind first priority. Climate Change is a much greater issue than a Wall. In order to take action on climate change and have a goal of more renewable energy by 2020, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to convince the public, local government, and corporations to at least aknowledge climate change and try to take action, even if the President or Congress is too stubborn to do anything. The ice caps are melting at an unprecedented rate, animal endangered list is high, and weather is more extreme, these are all FACTS. Without your support, our world will become a lot worse, faster, endangering future generations. IS THIS ISSUE GREATER THAN A WALL AROUND THE US BORDER?? I THINK SO. (Of course the government has to be reopened before much change can start) But this petition is a one of the starts. - Pierce Soderquist

Hurry, the ice caps are melting fast! #climatechangeisafact


Climate Change Ice Caps