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Disney XD has not been fair at all to Tron Uprising, the show receives stunning reviews,(8.1/10 on imdb) but suffers from ratings as Disney XD treats the show terrible. It was thrown to Friday nights a few weeks ago. Then Disney XD did not air the show 2 weeks in a row on scheduled dates, and Now its thrown to Mondays Mornings at midnight. The show recieved 1.79 Million viewers on Disney channel. Either switch the show to Disney Channel or move the show to a reasonable time slot, Mon and Thurs between 5PM and 10PM, and increase promos on its own network, and sister networks. If we want to see another Tron Movie, we need this show to suceed. Sign This petition and help us save one of the greatest animated series Disney has to offer:

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  • President and CEO of The Walt Disney Company
    Robert A. Iger
  • Disney-ABC Television Group
    Disney XD
  • President, Walt Disney Studios
    Alan H. Bergman
  • Senior Vice President, Diversity, Disney, ABC Television Group
    Robert Mendez
  • Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks and President, Disney•ABC Television Group
  • Secretary
    Marsha L. Reed
  • Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks
    George W. Bodenheimer (Co-Chairman, Disney Media Networks)

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