Renew The Shannara Chronicles for Season 3

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The Shannara Chronicles is based on the best-selling fantasy book series by Terry Brooks. This groundbreaking fantasy series graced ours screens on 2016. A rocky road followed the show since then, affected by restructuring at Viacom, the show moved from MTV to Spike, another network part of Viacom. The show returned for  a second season after more than a year & a half off the air. That, plus the move reflected in the show's live ratings. Nevertheless, there's quite a hunger for bold fantasy series like this around the world. The team behind the show, between exotic locations, impressive sets & outstanding special effects delivered the world of The Four Lands to life. 

It's an action packed fantasy series that appeals to both genders and all ages. The series is driven by survival, destiny, and even romance. The cast is talented and diverse, and the female characters are strong, independent and totally bad-ass. Which is refreshing because its something television in the 21st century is lacking and in desperate need of.

There is a global audience for this show, let's demonstrate any interested parties that Shannara is worth fighting for. It's up to us, the fans, show up when it matters. This is not in vane, Nashville, Sense8 & other shows returned from the cancellation graveyard, because fans stepped up & made a difference. We can make a difference here, too. 

Pleas sign the petition and share it to show support for the show and your interest in a third season. 

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