Renew The Expanse for Season 4+

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EDIT: Due to the shows cancelation this petition is being sent to other decision makers in addition to SyFy. Namely Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. Sign any other petitions floating around too!

The Expanse is arguably the best science fiction television show to air in recent years. The book series is fantastic and the writers of the show have done one of the best translations of page to screen I've ever seen. Please, allow the show to grow, don't make the same mistake as countless other networks in cancelling it far before its time. History shows that sci-fi TV shows are slow and steady to build in popularity but offer substantially more longevity than other genres. 

Cancelling The Expanse would be devastating to an underappreciated genre of TV. If renewed, I guarantee the fan base will only continue to grow, if cancelled there would be ramifications to not only the genre but also your network. Ratings aren't everything, I don't watch SyFy for any other show currently and I would be willing to bet the same can be said for many others. Allow The Expanse to flourish and your viewers will be grateful for years to come.

As a species we are on the brink of great changes. For the first time in history we are on the verge of becoming an interplanetary society. Many people are becoming more and more excited about space. This show offers a glimpse to the dreamers of what our future may hold. Now is the time to allow this type of show to take roots. Give dreamers the chance to be inspired to turn science fiction into science fact.


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