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I made this petition back in June when it was first announced but am bringing it back because it has over 2000 signatures already and we get thousands more. That finale was not enough and more of our story needs to be heard! 

Freeform has decided to cancel Shadowhunters and air the remaining 10 episodes along with 2 new episodes in Spring of 2019. This is so not fair to the cast and crew who work so hard on this show. This show has diversity and representation that few shows have, and it should not be canceled. 

I made this petition so other networks can see how amazing this fandom is and will know that if they do decide to pick up the show they will have such an amazing fanbase. This show would do wonders on a streaming service or on a channel like the CW and 3 seasons is not enough to fully tell the whole story.

Please sign this petition and comment below what you love about Shadowhunters.