Renew Sense8, The Get Down, Underground: Bring Back Diversity

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Recently Netflix and other networks have made the decision to cancel many of its shows and not renew them for a second season. This is normal. Networks do this all the time. What is particularly concerning however is the kinds shows that have been cancelled and the diversity and inclusion represented across these shows. 

These are all the shows that have been cancelled recently:

  • Sense8
  • The Get Down
  • Pitch
  • Underground
  • American Crime
  • East Los High

All of these shows feature strong people of color leads.

The recent cancellation of Sense 8 probably features the most amount of diversity ever displayed on a major science-fiction TV show. A show that features lead characters from all over the globe who are Asian, Latinx, Black, Queer, and Trans. Its cancellation means so much more to people all over the whole world who don't usually see themselves represented in the media.

This petition is calls for more diversity and representation in our streaming services.

We need more shows dedicated to uplifting intersectional narratives that exist in the world; that represent yours and others lived experiences. We need shows that represent what America actually looks like. Fans like yourself are drawn to storylines that embrace identities and experiences of immigrants, people of color, transgender, gender non conforming, women, disabled, outcasts, free-thinkers, people otherwise outside the norm. It matters these shows that exhibit our experiences, identities and nuances are available to us to binge or watch leisurely; because storytelling humanizes experiences and helps facilitate empathy. And given our current challenging conditions, we need more not less, examples of diversity, inclusion and empathy.

If you believe in diversity and representation in streaming services, network television and across all forms of media, SIGN  and SHARE this petition.