Renew A League of Their Own

Renew A League of Their Own

9 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lauren Ballie_09

A League of Their Own is an incredible new television series developed by Amazon Prime.

In the month since the show was released a huge fan base has already come together on social media to share their love of the show, particularly how the representation of lesbian/queer women, trans/non-binary people, and women of colour has spoken to them. See below for some examples of the love the fans have for this show.

There's no word yet on whether the show will be renewed. So, if you, like me, would like to see the show renewed for a second season, please sign this petition, contact Amazon Prime via social media to share your thoughts and contribute to Will Graham's (writer and show runner) Twitter campaign #leagueloveletter.

Let's get behind this amazing team of writers, directors, producers and cast!

"I finished #ALeagueofTheirOwn and I'm going to be thinking about so many aspects of it for a long, long time, but mostly, I cannot stop thinking about Bertie, and being nonbinary and/or transmasculine, and the power of positive representation and authenticity in storytelling."

"As someone [who] has been watching queer media for a decade this is probably the best representation of queerness I have ever seen - especially of sapphic queerness...this show is real & honest & genuine. It's funny and full of heart"

"It's been so long since I have seen myself portrayed on screen in such a beautiful and perfect way...this show has changed my life in the best way be able to see myself being portrayed on screen and having actual good lgbt+ representation is something that I never thought I would live to see."

"When I first started A League of Their Own I had no idea what to expect and yes, I did fall in love immediately and binge BUT, I didn't count on feeling so seen and relating to everyone on some level. It really made me sit and think and it led to a lot of life changing realisations"

"Thank you for giving so many of us a comfort place, a home."

"Watching a show with loads of queer & poc women. Without the worry of the usual bury your gap tropes has been wonderful to watch & is still so rare."

"So often we've seen our stories get erased from the narrative, be it in history books or on screen and this show has not only brought us to the forefront but celebrated us for exactly who we are."

"I couldn't believe it when I saw that not only the creators reimagined the movie plot, but also managed to tell the stories of the invisible. The way this show dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's is insane. From major representation of forgotten queer women to the absolutely forgotten black women in the 40s."

"I grew up in a 'pray the gay away' kind of community, so the world of TV was quite literally a lifesaver. I've been so used to being served crumbs of LGBT+ representation, I had no idea what to do when ALOTO gave me a main dish of gay with a side of baseball."

"A League of Their Own has been an utter gift. I feel seen and portrayed with sensitivity and love. The power of good representation never fads, and seeing a television show with so many queer people at the helm has been impossible to put into words. Seeing these particular stories being told is rather like participating in a tribute to our elders, who went through so much to love, exist, fight, persist and change the world around them...This show speaks to the power of queer and Black joy, community, family, solidarity, and love."

"You have changed my life with this show. You guys have created something extremely special here, something that is going to inspire queer people for the rest of their lives."

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Signatures: 2,609Next goal: 5,000
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