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Dave Wilson, Trustee of District II must stop working against the interests of Houston Community College and its student population

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We the undersigned are expressing concern that Dave Wilson, Trustee for District II is currently using his position to advocate for his non-Trustee political activities. Mr. Wilson has been working to overturn the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance and has been petitioning the City of Houston to establish gender identity as that assigned at birth. In interviews about these political activities, Mr. Wilson has been introduced using his title as a member of the HCC Board of Trustees. This implies that these political actions are supported by the Board of Trustees in specific, and the HCC administration in general. As taxpayers within the HCC tax district, we do not support Mr. Wilson in representing the HCC system in this manner. As such, we ask that Mr. Wilson discontinue using his position within the HCC Board of Trustees to further his political agenda.

In addition, we believe that Mr. Wilson is working against the best interests of Houston Community College. If his petition is successful, transgender students, faculty, and staff will not be permitted to use facilities in line with their gender identities. The United States Department of Education has ruled that transgender identities are protected under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Should Mr. Wilson’s petition to strictly assign gender identity at birth be successful, this will force Houston Community College (and every other federally funded educational system within Houston city limits) to violate Title IX. This will put HCC at risk of litigation and/or loss of federal funds. Both of these could possibly have extremely negative effects upon HCC’s financial stability.

As such, we ask that Mr. Wilson cease working to violate the civil rights of the students he is supposed to be representing.

Financial and political issues aside, Mr. Wilson’s activities have created a hostile environment at Houston Community College, not only for transgender individuals, but for the rest of the LGBT community as well. In 2014, he opposed HCC’s entry into the Pride Parade. Combined with his work against HERO and his work to attempt to insist that gender identity is assigned at birth, he has demonstrated a history of hostility towards gender and sexuality minorities. That he continues to do so, without censure of any kind indicates that HCC is not as committed to diversity and inclusion as is normally claimed. Thus, Mr. Wilson is also working against the interests of the college in working against a community of students who are already facing societal stress, in addition to the normal financial and educational stress faced by non-LGBT students.

If Mr. Wilson fails to cease these activities, we ask that the Board of Trustees to begin removal procedures against him. As taxpayers into the HCC system, we cannot abide his continued interference in the civil rights of HCC’s students, nor his continued abuse of his position in order to further his political agenda.


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