Could Doomfist's fantastic new Swamp Monster Halloween skin be named DOOMFISH instead?

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We all love Overwatch. Really, it's a fantastic game! But there is this one little thing that irks us all in the community: the missed opportunity for a great pun.

On Wednesday 3 October 2018, Blizzard announced a new legendary skin for Doomfist as part of the Overwatch Halloween Terror event for 2018. The skin looks fantastic, but the skin's name (Swamp Monster) does not match up to the awesomeness of the skin.

I hereby want to request Blizzard to release their inner punsters, go wild and rename Doomfists' new skin to DOOMFISH. Because I love Overwatch, and would love to love it more. Thanks <3 !

(PS: Reddit thread - those upvotes count as well in a way!)

(PS2: Just FYI, this petition is total joke that went slightly viral on the Overwatch subreddit. I think the Overwatch devs are amazing and they don't have to change anything if they don't feel like it. Doomfish doesn't exactly translate to other languages and doesn't look very visually distinctive from Doomfist, all very valid reasons to go with Swamp Monster instead. So if anyone from the Overwatch team happens to read this, I love you, you're awesome, you're perfect, you're beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista. Don't change, keep making Overwatch more amazing than it already is!)