Rename, decolonize and address Systemic Racism at The George Washington University

Rename, decolonize and address Systemic Racism at The George Washington University

May 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Caleb François

This petition calls for a name change at GW, the dismantling of systemic racism, and proposes the below reforms to achieve this noble cause:

1.The renaming of the George Washington University to a historical or modern figure that represents diversity, progress and universal humanism such as Frederick Douglass, Thurgood Marshall, Dr. King or another African-American hero proposed and approved by the University Student body and Administration. 

2.The election of an African-American President to address campus racism, reflect diversity, lead reforms for change and end GW’s history of white supremacy.

3. The renaming of buildings, and program names attributed to White Supremacists and Racists such as James Madison, George Washington and more.

4. The complete removal and replacement of the Winston Churchill Library.

5. The complete renaming of the Mount Vernon Campus, a racist site attributed to slavery.

6. The hiring of more African and African-American professors in the school of International Affairs and enhanced scholarship on Black/African perspectives and studies in the global school and the destruction.

&. The destruction of pro neo-colonial and imperialist thought in the School of International Affairs. 

7. The introduction of a Post-Colonial Studies Program and Caribbean Studies program in the School of International Affairs.

8. The renaming of the Elliott School to an anti-colonial figure such as Frantz Fanon

9. The hiring of a new dean in the Elliot School to lead much needed reforms.

10. The removal of the Colonial Moniker and GW mascot. 

11. The removal of the White Supremacist Chant “Hail Thee George Washington” from University grounds.

12. The decolonization of University Curriculum, through enhanced black perspectives.

13. Increased Black Enrollment to at least 30-40% of the University Population.

14. Introduction of a W.E.B Dubois Arts and Sciences Program centered on black perspectives, sociology and African-American research. 

15. The much needed teaching and promotion of African languages such as Amharic, Swahili, Arabic, Haitian Kreyol and more in the language department in the interest of decolonizing the department and dutifully promoting black languages.

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Signatures: 34Next Goal: 50
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