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The DSM is regarded as the medical and social definition of mental disorder throughout North America and strongly influences international psychiatric nomenclature.

On January 10th, 2010, the American Psychiatric Association released proposed draft revisions for the Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) to be pulished 2013.
Transgender people's civil rights advancement has been severely limited by our diagnosis in DSM because we are considered mentally ill by the American Psychiatric Association.

Although the propose changes for the DSM-5 has substituted "Incongruent" a less offensive word for "Dysphoria", the ramifications from this diagnosis still exists as illustrated recently by our exclusion from the DADT repeal.

Anti transgender organizations cornerstone evidence for our dehumanization is the DSM which links our identities with with autogynephilia and pedophilia.

We will never seriously be considered 'normal' enough for inclusion in meanngfull human rights legislation untill we are removed from the DSM, a fact the gay community realized and acted on thirty years ago.

Our diverse gender identities are a natural gift, not a psychiatric disorder.

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Letter to
Chairman Zucker, Kenneth J., Ph.D.
American Psychiatric Association, please remove "302.85 Gender Identity Disorder in Adolescents or Adults" from the DSM-5.

The stigmatization and social bias transgender people have suffered due to being considered mentally ill by the APA has resulted in a lowered standard of living, unemployment, homelessness and suicide.

Currently the vast majority of the psychiatric professionals and transgender people ignore the DSM instead proceeding with common sense care, if needed.

The American Psychiatric Association realizing it's impertinence has proposed substituting "Incongruent" a less offensive word for "Dysphoria". This attempt to make our inclusion in the DSM more palatable to the transgender community is unacceptable as the ramifications from this diagnosis still remains.

We petition the APA to be faithful to the Hippocratic Oath by keeping our well being it's primary concern.

Our gender gift is not a illness, it is a blessing.

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