Remove Toll plaza in Chennai OMR IT HIGHWAY

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OMR IT corridor increased with vehicles population each day almost more than 1 lakh vehicles passing the toll plaza as per the statistical reports. This is the only toll road in INDIA that lies within the corporation limit. I am working in an IT company OMR road, so it's mandatory that I need to cross the toll plaza for more than 3 to 4 times per day. Each trip we need to pay the toll amount even for a shorter distance and the frustrating fact is waiting hours for more than 30 minutes during peak hours. Purpose of the IT highway functioning as toll road is to pay and use the road for easy travel but this traffic in toll plaza make us to feel stress and worried about the travel.  Also there is no proper water drainage facilities on roadside OMR road, this toll road can't even bear the Chennai city rainfall and we can see immediately water logging on roads. It's been 10 years toll amount collected for this road so when will be the end point for this toll plazas. Also rates are getting increased for every two years, we are earning in OMR and spending all our salary in same OMR as taxes. Not only IT company people suffering with this problem even the local resident people, cab drivers, lorry drivers many are getting affected. Even two wheelers people are getting stuck in traffic. Please remove the OMR toll plaza within city limit and do the needful. It's a humble request from common peoples. We people are suffering a lot because of this problem so consider this and act immediately.