Remove the Unsound Mind clause from the Australian Electoral Act

Remove the Unsound Mind clause from the Australian Electoral Act

10 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Helen Dawson

Australians do not have any automatic RIGHT to VOTE in elections.

People of 'UNSOUND MIND' are excluded, along with traitors to the nation and people with more than 3 years of criminal convictions. Its real government discrimination against people who need government Social Security and government services. 

People with disabilities and mental health illness are often not on the Voting Roll at all.  At least 68,000 people have been removed in the past few years, that's enough voters to swing marginal seats at a Federal Election.  

Voting is compulsory in Australia from age 18. 

The Unsound Mind provision is archaic discrimination and promotes ostracism of people with disabilities and illness during election campaigns in their OWN LOCAL COMMUNITY. 

Each State and Territory has their own Electoral Act. This provision has been removed in NSW. 

 A letter written to the Electoral  Commission can remove you from the Electoral Roll.  

The  Commonwealth of Australia Electoral Act 1918

Unsound Mind provision is section 93 (8) (a)

Part VII—Qualifications and disqualifications for enrolment and for voting

  93  Persons entitled to enrolment and to vote

(8)  A person who:

  (a)  by reason of being of unsound mind, is incapable of understanding the nature and significance of enrolment and voting; or

   (b)  has been convicted of treason or treachery and has not been pardoned;

is not entitled to have his or her name placed or retained on any Roll or to vote at any Senate election or House of Representatives election.

Australians with disabilities families are asked to excuse them from the Electoral Roll at age 18. This means they are also denied direct representation in Parliament and their concerns often conveniently ignored by government.  

Anyone can write a letter to the Electoral Commission to have you removed from the Electoral Roll.  A doctor's report and years of legal representation are required to reinstate you to the Roll, if you ever realize you are not on it, and want to vote in an election or Referendum.

Please read sign and share this petition.  Please add comments as they will be passed on with the petition to all our Federal politicians. 


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Signatures: 17Next goal: 25
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