Remove the Thomas Guthrie statue

Remove the Thomas Guthrie statue

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Why this petition matters

Started by Fred Crainer

The statue can be seen in Edinburgh's West Princes Street Gardens. The Monument was erected in 1910. The statue depicts Dr Thomas Guthrie and the institutions with which he was associated. His Christian charity for a boys' and girls' school is described in the writing.

Dr. Guthrie's boys and girls schools, to be specific.

However, the general public is not aware that the schools were more like concentration camps than orphanages run by Christians.                                      This statue deeply disturbs the abused children who attended Dr. Guthrie's schools. 
The statue is very upsetting for survivors, and it irritates us even more, because the general public has no understanding of what his schools were like, and we believe the statue is providing a misleading impression.

Dr. Guthrie's boys' school in Edinburgh was a nightmare for myself and others. As an ex-pupil of one of his schools, I am reminded of how bad Dr Guthrie's boys' school was every time I visited Edinburgh and walked down Princes Street. If I wanted to remember how awful the schools were, I would drive past or visit one of the schools.  

When I visit Edinburgh and see the monument, I don't understand why I should be compelled to recall bad childhood experiences.

This statue should be taken down from Princes Street and placed in a museum or on the grounds of a church. It could be replaced by a statue of children who have been harmed in care.

It makes no difference whether I win or lose the petition. The damage has already been done. I'm just expressing the displeasure of myself and others, by being forced to look at a statue that reminds us of nightmares.

I have already petitioned the Scottish parliament and was refused. They told me it was a local issue and informed me that I had to ask Edinburgh city council. When I asked Edinburgh city council I was informed I had to be a resident of Edinburgh. 

I am not a resident of Edinburgh so I asked Change Org and they have accepted my petition.

This petition now asks for the removal of the statue.

2,293 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!