Remove the Racist Posters in Gold Trail #74

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This poster is up in ALL schools in School District #74.  Five-year-olds to 18-year-olds are seeing these posters with no explanations.  Racism needs to acknowledged but at an age-appropriate level and this is not it.  These posters were NOT directed at adults but at school-age children with no discussion.

Please sign the petition to have the posters removed, thank you.

In January 2018 a decision was made by three administrators to display racist posters in Gold Trail SD#74. While their intentions may have been innocuous, they failed to analyze the impact these posters would have on school children; particularly students with white skin and of mixed race.  After displaying the posters, Ms. Downs indicated to a parent that she had seen systemic racism; teachers placing students in remedial classes based purely on race and not on academic assessment.  Even if teachers were able to do this, why did she target students?

We want to see the removal of all posters referring to “white privilege” and “racism” from all schools in the district.  The posters are racist, discriminatory, and divisive.  The district should take into account ALL races and never make one race feel superior over, or inferior to, another.  No child should be shamed because of the colour of their skin.

These administrators became aware of this anti-racism “Poster Project” due to roadside billboards in Saskatchewan. The billboard messages were directed at adults, yet Ms. Downs, Ms. Minnabarriet, and Ms. Mountain felt the messages were appropriate for school children from kindergarten through to Grade 12. We do not agree; in fact, we strongly disagree. This message is one which should be properly discussed, be age appropriate, and not created to appear like a social media meme without explanation.  The posters are influencing all our YOUNG students and causing a huge divide in our school district that Ms. Downs and her employees fail to acknowledge.

Contact Teresa Downs and the school district to express your opinion at and or call Toll Free: 1-855-453-9101

Please sign the petition to have the posters removed, thank you.