Remove The Kardashians from Disney/Hulu

Remove The Kardashians from Disney/Hulu

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Started by Tess A

We are now a society that has become a breeding ground for young teens of which are exposed to hurtful, and false body images. Is it now acceptable for teens to watch pornography, and feel that they need to look like Kim Kardashian?  Is it now acceptable for our teens to think that by making a pornographic tape, that they will be given attention from those that have no morals, just like Kim Kardashian has?  Is it now acceptable for our teens to feel the pressure from their partners to make a pornographic tape, just to feel a false sense of love?  Absolutely not!!  The impact that these actions could have on our young teens is forever embedded into their minds.  It could ruin their self esteem, their self worth, and their future relationships, or lack thereof. 

As parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, and grand parents, should we accept such images that could forever affect one's reputation?  Teens are so very special, and they are our future.  We always want them to be happy,  we want them to thrive, and we want them to feel loved.  We want all of this for them, and for all of the right reasons. 

Young teens are exposed to false body images in many forms.  They see an enormous amount of plastic surgery that ultimately gives some the false sense of security.  This can include, Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL), Rhinoplasty (nose jobs), Breast Augmentation, Lip Fillers, Facial Fillers, Facial Freezers, Eyebrow Lifts, Earlobe Reduction, Liposuction, Labiaplasty (labia reduction).  The list continues.  A "BBL" has one of the highest mortality rates of any cosmetic procedure. 

Using computer generated applications to enhance photos is another form of false body imaging.  Filters are also another avenue to change one's appearance. These are specific avenues that help create a so called, "Perfect Face", or a "Snatched Body".  Some teens become "Obsessed" with watching the transformation of their said idol.  Our teens are smart.  Our teens are also at a tender age of being influenced by such images that were never attainable as they are now. Social media can be a great tool.  It can also be dangerous.  

If we hear the name, Disney, most of us think of children, princesses, cartoon characters, and super heroes.  Disney owns 67% of Hulu.  The other 33% is owned by NBC Universal's Parent, Comcast.  Hulu is a streaming service that any teen can access through a video streaming app./platform.  Teens and children can watch The Kardashians on their phones, on their computers, or on their television screens.  

The Kardashians' Disney/Hulu show, is not about any of those sweet princesses listed above.  The show originally aired on the E Channel, in 2007.  It is labeled as a reality TV show.  The show's very first episode tells it's audience how Kim Kardashian became famous.  This was attainable through her pornographic tape that she intentionally made.  Her Mother, Kris Jenner, helped her sell the pornographic tape in order to profit.  They have done so with millions of dollars.  The show also aired Kim doing a Playboy Photoshoot that consisted of nudity.  Kris Jenner, Kim's mother, and manager, booked the photo shoot.  Kris encouraged her daughter as the photo shoot was taking place.  She told Kim, "You're doing amazing, Sweetie".  Is that the type of validation that you want your daughter, granddaughter niece, cousin, or sister, to think that is what she needs to hear, in order to be accepted by her own Mother?  Will she also think that posing nude may make her feel validated by any man, or stranger that she talks to online or in person?

The Kardashians have continued to do numerous nude photo shoots.  They promote drinking alcohol, they promote pre marital sex, they promote lying, and they criticize everyone that is around them.  They criticize each other for not looking perfectly, or for not wearing a certain piece of clothing. The show has become so obviously, scripted.  The family misleads our teens by saying that all of these things  they do in life will make them look perfect, and that their wealth and vanity are the most important things in life.

The Kardashians have created a number of products that go beyond trying to count.  It is public knowledge that they have settled dozens of lawsuits out of court.  Some of these lawsuits by said individuals, per legal documents, have been filed due to copy infringements.  Kris Jenner's ex body guard has sued her for sexual harassment. This is also public knowledge that can be found in an internet search.   Some teens are working, and literally spending all of their money on these products, just to feel validated, because that's how the Kardashians live.  They continue to tell our teens, "Buy my...., buy this, buy that, and you'll be so happy that you did."  They need constant validation, usually through nude and half nude photos.  They show our teens that this is what life is all about.  They send cookies, popcorn, make up, and clothing to the teens, that are unknowingly stroking the egos of the family.  They are usually sent to the teens/followers that are the loudest supporters via Twitter and Instagram. 

The Kardashians have been a negative influence on our teens for 15 years.  I see these girls and boys begging a Kardashian or Jenner for a "Like", or a "Follow, or a "Happy Birthday".  Seems harmless, but once they receive any of these requests, the teens are hooked in.  This is how the family works.  Once this behavior starts, the followers are excited to buy these products.  Some of the teens take photos of themselves, wearing the clothing that just came in the mail from one of the Kar-Jenners. Some pics are not acceptable for such young girls.  But this family has made them think that it's okay to turn around and show your buttocks for a selfie.  Unfortunately, we see the followers starting to mimic the very physical beings from this family that they see on TV or social media.  We also see the followers talking in the same manner that this family speaks in. The foul language, and the critical jabs that this family takes at each other, has influenced their young following.  The family, physically fights with each other. One of the children's Dad has been shown on camera punching in glass and mirrors, shoving money down a server's throat, and physically fighting with a friend at a hotel. He has also gone to a rehab facility for drug treatment, but left within hours of checking in.  This shows the teens that it's okay to do drugs, and to be violent.

The Kardashians has been on air for so long, that we are seeing some of their past behavior come out as being false.  They are now showing our teens that it is okay to lie.  We know that no one person, on this earth is perfect.  We also know that we can do our best, by leading as examples to the younger generation. Some of the actions that we can consider by leading as examples is to monitor our teens, talk to our teens, and making sure that what they have access to is not such negativity, not such nudity, not such abuse, and not such false body images.  Our teens deserve better.  It is so unfortunate they are not seeing "positive body images".  Each and every one of our young teens are special.  Unfortunately, some feel the need to do things to their bodies that can harm their health, and their self esteem.  

We love them too much to let this family continue, and lead the way for false body images, and by not letting this family tell our children how much they should or shouldn't eat to look a certain way.  We love our teens too much to see them riddled with appearance anxiety. We ask that by signing this petition, you approve of the removal of such influence in our teen's lives.

Thank you.




595 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!