Remove the flashing lights and images from Eurovision.

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REVOLUTIONISE EUROVISION!  Make Eurovision safer to watch for people with photosensitive epilepsy!

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most exciting and accepting events to happen every year in Europe. Using music, Europe can celebrate diversity and embrace different cultures from across the globe.  Unfortunately, the increasing amount of strobe effects and flashing lights means that people with photosensitive epilepsy are unable to watch the show.  While the European Broadcasting Union does provide warnings for people with sensitivity to flashing lights and strobes, the moving images are as detrimental. 

Despite the warnings, the flashing lights, strobes and images from the performances are still able to trigger epileptic seizures. A seizure can be triggered at 3-30hz (flashes per second) and strobes generally flash at 8-14hz. We need to change this so everyone can watch the show. 

This year Portugal won the ESC with an intimate, simplistic performance without any flashing lights or strobe effects.  In fact, the win was by an overwhelming majority showing that a performance does not need flashing lights to be successful.  

It's also possible for faster songs and upbeat performances to be successful without flashing lights.  Think about musicals, festivals, and even shows in venues without lights - Woodstock was a great music festival success and no strobes were used!

By signing and sharing this petition, you will support a campaign to remove the flashing lights, strobe effects and flashing images from the Eurovision Song Contest making the show safer to view for millions of people with photosensitive epilepsy across the globe.  

"Music is not fireworks, music is feeling." - Salvador Sobral, Eurovision winner 2017. 

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