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REMOVE The Corolla Wild Spanish Mustangs from Corolla NC USA

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These Wild Mustangs are being exploited for monetary gain by all involved including the Corolla Wild Horse Fund!  Think about it!  They made over $400k last year in donations, they don't feed these horses, they rarely have to care for them, most of the people that help out, which isn't many, are "Volunteers" and if I'm not mistaken a "Volunteer" does "Not" get paid!  I know many horse people and they don't even make a 1/4 of that and have horses and have to do a hell of a lot more to maintain their horses or even just one for it too survive!  


AHOLES!!!! Where were the "VOLUNTEERS OR THE COROLLA WILD HORSE FUND PEOPLE ??? JESUS, they made over $400K last year alone in donations to stop things like this from happening and that still blows my mind!!! WTH!!! Sep 11, 2012 11:04amAnyone know these people? This was sent to us by a resident of Southern Shores who spoke to the people and said they were very rude. Note how they make the horse get up in the very beginning. Please folks - observe the horses from at least 5 feet away. It's the law.


I was told by the Board of Directors Chairman that the orders in place are their to "Protect the People NOT the Wild Horses" I do NOT understand that??

They are not being protected enough! Another horse lost it's life over Memorial Day weekend 2012 while walking on the beach's shoreline with his mares at 9pm, getting hit by a truck. This is not the first horse that has been killed by a vehicle nor the first horse or foal that has been injured or killed by humans. The area is way over populated and they are being exploited for Tourism and Monetary reasons! The horses are suffering due to this! The building of huge homes that get rented out are still being built and not enough money is being donated or is being used to save the land that they roam on. Their extinction of life is in major danger and someone else needs to step in and take over! Move them to a safer environment so they can live Wild and Free as they have only known how to do! Look at Corolla Wild Horse Funds website you will see how many horses have been killed, hurt or poisoned. Some even by residents that actually live where they live!

RIP Two Socks & all the ones that lost their lives to senseless deaths.

A Wild Stallion on North Carolina's Outer Banks struck and killed by a car while walking along the beach.
Stallion hit, killed by vehicle on OBX

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