Removal of the Confederate Statue in Downtown Jackson

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PEOPLE OF JACKSON, TENNESSEE: It is time for the Confederate statue that has stood in front of the County Courthouse and across from City Hall in downtown Jackson be brought down and removed. For too long this symbol of treason, bigotry, and injustice has stood at the heart of our diverse town in front of the courthouse. It is incompatible with the notion of justice, and it is incompatible with the values of our city, that it continue to be allowed to stand. It is time that we the people of Jackson, Tennessee meet the moment and demand that this statue be brought down. Jackson has always been a racially diverse town. It is NOT right that an outdated statue, representing a treasonous confederation that fought to protect the horrid institution of slavery, still stands in our downtown and in front of the people's courthouse. Jackson must look forward to the future and not backwards. Hate has no home here! Please sign the petition to voice your support!