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On Februaury 4, a 17 year old girl from the Rockford area runs off the road and crashes her car into a pond in Ottoville, Ohio. She was able to make a 911 call before her car filled with water and she drowned. In less than a week, her 911 call can be found very easily online through local news websites. Her family is very upset about this, especially since it is still so fresh. This petition asks to remove any and all 911 calls available to the public.

Letter to
Van Wert Co online news sites and any affiliation linked to a 911 call
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Van Wert Co newspapers and any affiliation linked to a 911 call.

Take down a 911 call from a local teenager who drowned in her car in a pond

Brianna Coons passed away in an accident February 4, 2012. In less than a week, her 911 call is available for public view. Her entire family and friends do not appreciate the last words their daughter and friend ever spoke to be available like that, especially so close to the tradgic event. It is very hurtful and haunting for the family. We ask that the last memories for the family do not have to include these terrified words.

Jessica Ferron

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