Remove Ross Stevenson from Pride Glasgow

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For numerous years volunteers and members of the public have been ignored by Ross Stevenson in his role as depute CEO and festival director for Pride Glasgow (SCIO) including his refusal to listen to concerns and soultions to ticketing and entrance issues . This in turn led to volunteers recieving unfair treatment and abuse as a consquence of his actions ( or lack thereof ) . Ross Stevenson also refused to listen to concerns by volunteers with regards to the use of Serenity Security again due to issues experienced in previous years . This total lack of thought and competence has now brought the whole organisation into disrepute , led to numerous injuries and attacks on hard working unpaid volunteers who were forced to manage a situation caused by him whilst he refused communicate with those forced to try and handle issues both before , during and after serious incidents took place . It is clear that Ross Stevenson has no consideration for volunteers or members of the public who attend events organised by himself and that should he continue to be associated with Pride Glasgow that future serious issues will occur under his direction .

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