Revoke Incoming Racist NCSU Student Offer of Admission

Revoke Incoming Racist NCSU Student Offer of Admission

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Started by Jacoby Clark

WARNING: video shows disturbing video of incoming NCSU student using racial slurs repeatedly and enthusiastically. 

North Carolina State University is the largest public university in the State of North Carolina with more than 35,000 students and 2,300 faculty members. Areas of study at NCSU range from biomedical to agriculture to textiles and design. NC State grants bachelor, master, PhD, and DVM degrees across its 12 colleges. As the largest STEM school in North Carolina, NCSU is tasked with preparing students with skills and knowledge that will help them tackle many issues that people face every day, approaching each task with an open-mind focusing on creating a diverse and inclusive tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, “diversity and inclusion” have become curtains that NC State hides behind to allow racist behavior to thrive. 

Students of color have to deal with an endless assault of racist behavior, images, and comments every single day. Considering that NC State is over 70% white, it is already easy for students of color to feel out of place, as if they don’t belong. Chancellor Woodson and his Administration do nothing to stop this feeling. Students have reported racist images from the Freedom Expression Tunnel as well as comments from social media platforms to several campus offices. Sadly, these offices fail students of color in every way. Instead of addressing the issues, they deflect them back on the students, a slap in the face. 

It’s time to change this. Following the gruesome murder George Floyd, students reported a disturbing video , incoming Class of 2024, using very offensive racial slurs. Faculty and staff members are appalled, students and alumni are enraged. Students are calling for his letter of admission to be revoked. We see that there is no alternative.  is no longer a kid.  knows right from wrong, and it’s time that NC State starts holding racist and bigoted students accountable. If a high school can do it, then a university should too. 

We cannot be safe knowing a racist roams the campus. A university cannot tell its students that it embraces and strives to create a diverse and inclusive environment while allow racism to run rampant.

It’s time for this to end, not now, but right now. 


2,491 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!