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Remove Puppy From Abusive Owners

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Today a young lady by the name of Ashlen Rudolph had brought to the public’s attention a puppy that is being abused by its owners and according to the post I have been following the  sheriff went to the apartment complex with the young lady (Ashlen Rudolph) and came to the conclusion that the puppy was fine. Meanwhile if you were to take a look at the post, the owner had seen it and cleaned up the kennel and gave the puppy food and water.

Please take a look at the pictures I have posted with this petition. The puppy is in poor condition.

1 the puppy is being left clearly outside way to long in side a kennel that’s not meant for housing a dog outside in the elements

2 the puppy isn’t clean and is clearly sick and needs a vet

3 the puppy is living literally in its own piss and shit for hours on end

4 the puppy not only is inside the kennel that isn’t meant to house him outside but he is also being leashed up inside his kennel. Which anyone who owns a dog knows your not supposed to do that because it’s dangerous. This could literally kill the puppy 

5 that kennel gives the puppy no room to walk or move around. He literally is trapped in a cage all day 

This is no place for a puppy or pet period to live. Miss Yvette Elzey and her daughter Jennifer Fleming should not be aloud to own another animal ever again for neglecting and not caring how they treated this poor puppy. They could repeat this to another animal. They should be charged for animal cruelty

So please sign my petition to help get this puppy out of Yvette Elzey care and into a  forever home that will love him like he should be

Also if you want to help please contact the local sheriffs Office at 985-747-9696. They will ask for the address at which the puppy is located to log your complaint

Address is 44173  Simpson Place  Hammond, La 70403

You can contact Randy Stegall the president of Tangi Humane Society at 985-419-9900 or you can contact Jeff Dorson who’s the executive director of the Humane Society of Louisiana at 601-876-2781

Our best route of saving this puppy is to contact all three places and make a complaint, sign this petition and share it for all to see


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