Remove permanent bans from Howrse!

Remove permanent bans from Howrse!

234 have signed. Let’s get to 500!

Why this petition matters

Started by Violet Welch

We want Howrse to know that they aren't just casually abusing their power to sanction and ban, but truly impacting people's lives negatively with their calloused rulings. The fact that users love Howrse so fully and are able to form close, lifelong friendships on it are a testament to its power of positivity. But no one should be left crying for hours over an online game because they lost everything they worked actual years to build and are now cut off from their friends. We are tired of seeing our friends crushed with 0 warning or proof for minor offenses we ourselves would never condemn them for. It is time for Howrse to rethink its sanction and banning rules to better reflect the beliefs and desires of its users. Make Howrse a fun competitive friendly game again, not tinged with anger, regret, and sorrow.

With that being said, we have decided to create this petition to remove permanent bans from Howrse, as far too many players who have spent thousands playing a game we all love, are being permanently banned, for little to no reasons. 

Players are being permanently banned from important aspects of the game, for example, access to sales and trades, which are a vital part of the game, they offer no warning to this, and when they do it, they don't follow up with any proof! I personally believe that this is too far, having played this game for many years myself, I would be devasated to lose such a vital aspect to the game! 

We have all lost too many friends on the game, who work hard and are then punished, when they have't done anything wrong. 

Some players use this game as an escape from the real world, and get to make some amazing friends on it, I know I have! It has become a great disappointment to see players rise, only to fall and never be able to get back up! 

Many players have what they call "farmers", if you think you are safe because you've never lost Karma before, you are wrong, it can happen to you with NO warning.

Please support this petition in order to help us in our venture. If possible, please sign this with your Howrse Username and Server!

234 have signed. Let’s get to 500!