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Remove NH Rep. Al Baldasaro as Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee

During a recent Republican presidential debate, the audience infamously booed a gay soldier serving in Iraq, and not one candidate on stage rebuked the audience's inappropriate booing.

Now, one New Hampshire State Representative Al Baldasaro said the booing of a man serving his country in Iraq was "great." Baldasaro told Think Progress, "I was so disgusted over that gay marine coming out...He doesn’t realize it, but when the sh** hits the fan, you want your brothers covering your back, not looking at your back."

Baldasaro's response is shameful and an insult to the constituency he is supposed to serve as chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee in the New Hampshire State House. 

State Representative Al Baldasaro's public and egregious disdain for an American serving in Iraq makes Baldasaro unquestionably unfit to represent the state's veterans.

Al Baldasaro is clearly incapable of serving as an advocate for all veterans and Speaker O'Brien must swiftly remove him from this position.

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