Remove Judy Eledge from Anchorage Library Leadership

Remove Judy Eledge from Anchorage Library Leadership

April 14, 2022
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Mayor of Anchorage Dave Bronson and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Andrew Gray

Judy Eledge is restricting freedom of speech and should be removed from her current role as deputy director of the Anchorage Public Library (APL) for the following reasons:

  • confiscation and censoring  of library materials without following the proper protocols 
  • the mistreatment of library employees
  • her promotion of an extreme partisan agenda

Thanks to reporting from The Blue Alaskan blog (, we know: 

Judy Eledge resigned from her role as Anchorage Public Library Director last year to avoid Assembly confirmation. She now works as APL’s deputy director where some APL employees say she has created a toxic work environment and run off two longtime qualified and dedicated library staff members.

Library employees say Eledge has quietly removed books from library shelves without checking them out on her library card for her own “personal review.” Employees say this has resulted in reading material being taken out of circulation — sitting in her library office, sometimes “for weeks.”

One library employee described the current climate this way: “We are tired of being bullied by unqualified, unknowledgeable people who only believe that their viewpoint is valid.” 

This is no way to run our city’s public library system. Enough is enough. Stand up for freedom. Sign this petition to voice your support for the permanent removal of Judy Eledge from any position of authority within the Anchorage Public Library system.


This petition made change with 2,018 supporters!

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