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.Hank Johnson was brutally beaten in Hearne, Texas on July 10, 2008. Hank died as a result of his injuries. His murder remained unsolved in the Capital Murder case part due to the suspected improper handling of the case by District Attorney John Paschall.

I request the removal of DA John Paschall from all involvement in the Hank Johnson murder case due to a conflict of interest and prejudice..

Paschall has compromised the conviction of the party or parties responsible for the crime which may include Billy Blackburn, John Paschall’s brother-in-law. Blackburn is a potential witness and/or person of interest. Paschall also failed to follow proper interrogation protocol and questioned Blackburn with no one else present.
Paschall was recorded threatening the lead Detective Steve Stokley, who was later demoted and transferred after his Johnson murder case files disappeared. In addition, at least one witness, Harry Monson, was murdered October 25, 2008, along with Chandell Lewis who had dated Paschall’s daughter.

Please remove and investigate DA John Paschall.

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I'm writing you today to call for justice for Hank Johnson and his family.

Hank Johnson was only 27 years old when he was brutally beaten to death July 21,2008. He worked out of town at the Power Plant as a welder to earn money for his 2 children.

According to Detective Steve Stokley of the Hearne PD John Paschall the District Attorney threatened to stop Hank's murder case. The first murder suspect was the Brother in law of the D.A. Billy Blackburn who knew of the attack days before as of his associate Ralph Martinez asked for his help

The controversial District Attorney of the Race War spanning from 15 years may have caused the retaliation of Hank's Murder in the rise of Crime in Hearne in 2008. . .

Billy Blackburn was approached by Ralph Martinez for his help in (beating) Hank at the motel, This was ignored by Blackburn he says and 3 days later Hank was murdered. 2 guitars were stolen. Martinez was on the property on the day and the time of the assault.

D.A. John Paschall interviewed his brother in law Billy Blackburn alone and with out protocol.

This is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and he refuses to recuse himself. 4 years later it is still unsolved. REMOVE JOHN PASCHALL FROM HANK JOHNSON'S MURDER CASE.

His refusal to recuse himself is of a Prejudice and race issue due to the continuing abuse of power since the Drug Task Force days of his Command on the race war produced in the real life event of the Columbus Raid in year 2000 for 2 decades. This was a retaliation Hate Crime Murder in 2008 on my son.

Please uphold justice.


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