Remove Devendra Kula Vellalar from SC Category reservation in India

Remove Devendra Kula Vellalar from SC Category reservation in India

1 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Baskaran Pandian

The Devendra Kula Vellalar caste people in India belong to the Marutham Land in ancient times of present Tamil Nadu state who founded Agriculture and spread it worldwide. 

Devendra Kula Vellalar belongs to Tamil Kings Pandiyan, Chozhan and Cheran kingdoms of ancient Tamil Nadu.

The Origin of Pandiyan, Chozhan and Cheran was from the PALLAR (Devendra Kula Vellalar) clans.

The people who are Kings from the Devendra Kula Vellalar clan were termed Mallar and the same clan people who are involved in agriculture are called Pallar.

When Madurai was captured by the people whose mother tongue is the Telugu language belonging to the Vijaya nagara Empire, the Tamil King Pandiyan belonging to the Madurai kingdom of the Mallar (Devendra Kula Vellalar) clan lost his power and land.

So the Vijayanagar Empire ruled the Tamil lands for some period of time, and during those times the native Tamil people lost all their lands, power and their cultural Identity.

After that, the British came over to India and captured the whole of India all the rulers lost their power to the British.

Then India got its Freedom from the British and Implemented its own government but the government structure is of the British system and it is still continuing in India.

The Indian people who want to work in the Indian Government and want to pursue UG, PG and PhD studies in all education Streams in India have to undergo counselling according to the reservation systems of India for their college seats and also for the Government Jobs according to caste wise category reservation system only.

According to the reservation systems only Indian citizens will get their college seats and government Jobs which leads to further allotment of their seats in the Educational Institutions and Jobs in the Indian Government after the various processes of counselling and government examinations.

In this reservation system of OBC, BC, MBC, SC, and ST the Varna system hierarchy is compared in the minds of Indian people which is a Social Construct done by politicians and political parties all over India.

Based on that if a person is in the Scheduled caste category in India he is considered a Dalit or low caste in India, actually, the meaning of Scheduled means listed caste category but in the minds of people it is socially constructed as low caste which is not a fair thing.

Actually, the people who were really treated as low caste, untouchables in the older days in Tamil Nadu now are in the Backward caste category of the reservation system in India.

This means people who ever belong to the BC category in the whole of India also should be considered low caste because the people who once were considered low caste are also now sharing the reservation system with you now, then it means you both are the same.

If it is said like that then the people who belong to the Backward Caste category of India and Tamil Nadu will you accept it?

No definitely, you won't accept that??

Likewise, there are so many castes Included in the OBC, BC, SC, and ST categories of the Indian Reservation system all over Indian states.

That doesn't mean all the people in a particular reservation category are the same people belonging to the same caste because they don't have any marital relations within them.

Different castes people and people from different languages are included in the OBC, BC, SC, and ST caste categories of the reservation system all over India.

Also, every Indian state has its own OBC, BC, SC, and ST caste Lists of people belonging to their states and it has various people included in it which is not the same all over India but still, there is a mindset and social construct present in the minds of people that if a person belongs to the Scheduled Caste Category then they are Dalits, low-caste and untouchables which is not a fair thing to follow in this present modern civilization.

So in Tamil Nadu also there are a total of 76 castes included in the SC category at present Devendra Kula Vellalar is also one among them.

In this total of 76 castes, there are some caste people who were really considered low caste in older days due to the work they were doing in older days, so considering that a social construct has been made that Devendra kula Vellalar is also low caste as we are sharing the reservation of SC category along with them, which is not acceptable.

So that's the reason we Devendra Kula Vellalar people have decided to remove ourselves from the SC category reservation system in India.

So this petition should be an eye opener for all the people in India who belong to the SC, and ST categories to find their freedom from a socially constructed perspective of comparing the reservation system and the Varna system which prevailed in India considering both are the same.

All Educated Indians should support this Petition and teach our future generations the right thing to follow and treat everyone as their equals with the spirit of brotherhood because in front of Indian Law we Indian Citizens are all equal and the same.

Likewise, Devendra kula Vellalar never had any mindset of thinking other caste people is below us even within the SC Category and in general as well.

Only some caste people in Tamil Nadu who think they are higher caste are discriminating against us and all other caste people in Tamil Nadu.

According to history whoever thinks they are higher caste in present Tamil Nadu and India really sorry to say you have never been a high born or higher caste, in any time in Indian or state history, that is the hardest truth.







In all these categories who is upper caste? Actually When No one is?

All the Native People of all states and Districts across all parts of India are the real true sons of the land, whoever came and settled in these lands after a period of time has no right to say to them you are lower than me.

India is a democratic country only because of that we are tolerating all these injustices happening to us, If it were the time of Kings every true son of the lands of all parts of India would have definitely found their freedom by now.

Has India really got it's freedom or still being a puppet of the British government maintaining it's rule through puppets in the form of Indian political parties in all states brainwashing and eye washing the innocent people of India?



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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
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