Remove (censored) as Moderator!

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This person is a total hypocrite, a blatant liar and a proven cheater. He does not represent the game in a positive light, makes detrimental comments to certain players, purposefully targets weaker players to steal their pvp points in order to rank and leaks inside information to certain players to give them an unfair advantage which is totally against the game rules.

These illegal leaks must also surely break some privacy and data protection laws, especially if it's a complaint that he's sharing with his cronies who may well include the person the complaint was about. Do you trust him with your personal data? Do you think this is acceptable behaviour?

Whilst I could carry on listing the issues people have had with this player/moderator, there's no point stating what has already been reported to "CM Anonymous" by many others and no point saying what is already obvious to many players who have witnessed this with their own eyes. Nothing has been done, perhaps because "Product Manager" has not been made aware of any of it.

I will however quickly mention his targetted lies to get certain players banned for multi-accounting when they actually shared a house. They had to provide actual evidence to lift the ban, which they ultimately did. They are still banned on the forum despite their innocence being proven. They talk of rules and respect on the forum, but it doesn't work both ways as it should. No apology has been forthcoming to those players.

Most people already know the facts about "(censored)" and his longstanding alliance with "(censored)", the president of "(censored)", but this 'not guilty' moderator quickly disabled my politely written forum thread which asked the community for their opinions on whether we actually want and trust him as a moderator. Are these the actions of someone with nothing to fear due to their innocence?

Of course, I received an official warning and ban from posting on the forum from "CM Anonymous" for making a legitimate forum thread with the stated reason being harassment and I quote verbatim 'continuous vilations'. If attempting to raise a legitimate concern is harassment then I am guilty as charged.

This is why I started a petition, because clearly they would rather we didn't have a voice when it is used to question their breaking of the rules which they constantly refer to when reprimanding us. No excuse for them not knowing the rules then is there given how often they quote them?

If you have good reason to believe that "(censored)" should lose his position of trust as moderator then please take the time to sign this petition. Hopefully we can rid ourselves of this wildcard moderator and convince "Product Manager" to allow the community to pick someone who is both worthy of "Brand Name" and what remains of the player base.

However, if you believe that (censored) is innocent and love his cool stories you can post about that on the forum without there being any kind of problem. You can join forces with (censored) and CM Anonymous who believe (censored) is innocent and that's fair enough. This isn't personal.

This petition was updated on 12th February 2017 to comply with "Brand Name" rules which do not allow character names to be used in order to identify characters, which means all screenshots are illegal and that CM Anonymous asking for them is effectively a trap!

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