Remove Bevan Shields As Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald

Remove Bevan Shields As Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald

9 July 2022
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Started by Neeva Stephen

To the Board of Directors of Nine for Brands:

Peter Costello. Independent Non-Executive Chairman.

Mike Sneesby. Chief Executive Officer.

Nick Falloon. Independent Non-Executive (Deputy Chairman)

Andrew Lancaster. Independent Non-Executive Director.

Samantha Lewis. Independent Non-Executive Director.

Mickie Rosen.

Catherine West.

Following two absolutely abhorrent decisions by Bevan Shields in the past 24 hrs, we request he be immediately terminated from his position as Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald.

It is clear that Shields did not learn his lesson, after disgracefully 'outing' Rebel Wilson just a few short weeks ago, instead continuing to publish highly offensive content.

Firstly, using a headline that reads "Now is the hour for Albanese, small-target man, to dare the snipers", is not only offensive & potentially inciting violence against our Prime Minister on ANY day, it was published less than 24hrs after the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. How on earth could this be allowed and not challenged at some point, prior to publication? It is completely unacceptable! 

Secondly, and also related to Mr Abe, the Sydney Morning Herald chose to publish a photo of him laying on the road straight after being shot. Surely Shields could have - should have - approved any number of other photos, rather than one that is highly disrespectful to Mr Abe's family and Japan in its entirety?

It is obvious that Shields does not have the attributes required by an editor, including being partisan and a level of discernment that should be expected from a person in his position. Shields has systematically damaged the brand since his appointment, and will continue to do so if not removed.


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Signatures: 2,820Next goal: 5,000
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