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Remove Bank charges for Non-Maintenance of Minimum Balance in Bank Account.

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What country is this - The Educated make some plans and rip off the poor. And we just see all this and don't do anything about it. The blood-sucking wolves that we've become. Is this what the idea of a New India is ?

20% of the Indian population is dependent on Old Age Pension, Disability Pension, Widow Pension and so on
. Request the government to change their credit from Banks to Any Jan Dhan Account, Student Accounts or any other type of General Saving Accounts such that they can enjoy the zero balance account.

Pension is only 1000 rupees per month and that too not enough for many to run their life due to old age and no support from the family. 

Ex- Recently, SBI charged 350 rupees for all of the above category people on not maintaining minimum balance of 1000 rupees every month. Old age people only saw 650 rupees in their account and couldn't take any money out of it. In the next month credit from the government, another 350 rupees will be deducted and credited with 650. Now that the balance will be 1300, they will be allowed to take only 300 rupees next month.

Dear Banks, #Stoplooting poor and old people instead of serving Rich Business tycoons who creates NPA for you.

As we are moving towards digital economy as our PM Says, we tends to use Two or More bank Accounts depending upon our use and limits for our day to day transactions. But recently as bank started charging for minimum balance maintenance charge and charges for >3-5 ATM Withdrawals. its a huge setback to our high hopes for Digital economy. Because if bank starts charging for minimum balance and ATM withdrawal like this, people will prefer cash transactions and keeping money at home in place of bank.

I would request the concern department to look into the problem and issue corrective directions so that no penalties be deducted from the poor people who are trying to do their best to come into our Banking System.

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