Remove Athletic Director/Head Coach Justen Evans and Coaching Staff Immediately!!!!

Remove Athletic Director/Head Coach Justen Evans and Coaching Staff Immediately!!!!

June 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Miller Bucs

The MILLER BUCS COMMUNITY is genuinely concerned about the impact Justen Evans coaching style, philosophy and lack of leadership has on the boys and girls at Roy Miller High School. Also the future of these boys and girls and the future of the program under his leadership. The record of the football program and all athletics over the past few years means more to him and his coaching staff, than to actually groom the boys and girls into young men and young women in a positive way.

The MILLER BUCS COMMUNITY is encouraging parents, students and community members in the Corpus Christi Independent School District to sign this petition in support of removing Justen Evans as Athletic Director/Head Football Coach and his coaching staff at Roy Miller High School IMMEDIATELY.


Reasons for removing Justen Evans and Coaching Staff:

Evans is unaware of students/athletes in his athletic program who skip class on a everyday/regular basis. He has no recognition of attendance records, and has stated that having access to student/athletes attendance records is not a part of his or his coaching staff job duty. Upon reading the Student/Parent Handbook Policies, Rules, and Guidelines… Page 8 Chapter B Section 1 and 2, Categories of Disciplinary Actions.. the implementation of disciplinary actions was not delivered to any student/athlete who has violated these rules.

Evans' treatment of his football players is based solely on fear and intimidation. He has continuously yelled at football players and his own coaching staff on the sideline of games during his 5 year tenure at the school.

Evans has targeted players using bully-like behavior including mind games, yelling, intimidation and threats, passive-aggressive behavior, singled out players and made “examples of” them during practices and games.

More than one player has suffered mental issues/depression due to Evans tactics. Evans has abused his power and many young student/athletes self-esteem are damaged as a result.

Evans violates the Employee Handbook guidelines that CCISD school board and administrators have set for all staff, teachers and coaches. He also violates the Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives Policy AE and Texas Educators’ Code of Ethics Standard 1.6; 1.7; 1.10 and Standard 3.2; and 3.3 governed in the CCISD Employee Handbook which he signed upon hiring.

Evans and his staff also violate page 12 Rights and Responsibilities of all Administrators of the student Code of Conduct, and page 16 Scope of District Authority and Jurisdiction of the student Code of Conduct.

During his first 3 years as AD/HC Evans has encountered several “well-known” student/athletes who were among leaders of the program to have indulged in smoking illegal substances on and off campus and on public school transit.

There were several incidents throughout his next 2 years where student/athletes have been caught smoking illegal substances on campus (violation of student/parent handbook page 7 section C) and/or participating in sexual conduct on public school transit bus.

There was an incident during the 2020-21 football season where Evans or his football coaching staff found a group of student/athletes smoking an illegal substance in the bathroom. Majority of these students were athletes in his athletic program. 

During this same 2020-21 school year there was an additional incident where some boys (football players) and girls (managers) were on the same school bus together coming from an away game. There was a sexual act performed on the bus.

An additional incident happened during May 2021-22 school year when a student/athlete was caught by Evans or his football staff, handling/selling illegal substances on campus. Direct violation of Student Code of Conduct page 21 Possession of Prohibited Substance.

No disciplinary action was done to any of the students on any of these occasions due to the fact some were star athletes in his athletic program. This type of negligence behavior should not be tolerated.

These actions have led to student/athletes indulging in illegal substance activity outside of school, in which some student/athletes were caught by a parent consuming illegal substances inside their home. This is not the Miller Bucs way and should not be tolerated.

During his tenure Evans has changed grades and manipulated attendance so student/athletes boys and girls can remain participating in extracurricular activity.

This act of unethical and unrighteous behavior has taught some of these student/athletes that they are above any law or disciplinary action warranted to them for committing such acts.

The environment this creates is toxic, not warranting Evans job duties as an administrator and mentor among these student/athletes. The environment created by these actions has no acceptance of accountability for the student/athletes actions. This creates an above power authority mindset for the student/athlete. As a leader, mentor, and father figure to most of these student/athletes Evans has not fulfilled his duties as such. 

Allowing student/athletes to skip class on a regular/daily basis and not care about their attendance record is negligence. Allowing student/athletes to smoke and handle/sell illegal substances on campus with no disciplinary action is carelessness. Allowing student/athletes to perform sexual conduct on school grounds or school transit is deeply disheartening and very disturbed.

Leaders should first hold themselves accountable. Evans has failed these students/athletes as a leader, and that makes him irresponsible. Evans has misguided these students/athletes in a direction that is against his duties. Evans doesn't allow these students/athletes to take ownership for their actions, instead creating an environment where the students hold no responsibility.

When accountability is lacking; performance, culture and morale suffer. Please support the MILLER BUCS COMMUNITY and sign this petition to remove Justen Evans of all duties IMMEDIATELY.


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Signatures: 39Next Goal: 50
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