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Stop -Cyberbullying, Sexual Harassment, and Exploitation of Minors
(see other complaint methods below)

Previously and perhaps still an attorney in Maryland, , also known as  has repeatedly made several post on her web sites releasing personal info about specific individuals without consent including transgender teens, which is the exploitation of minors. If you have info on and or have been harrassed by this woman as a minor, please contact the Baltimore Police Department: http://www.baltimorepolice.org/ the next step after getting the sites down will be pressing charges and prosecution for exploitation of minors and sexual harassment.You may also make child exploitation reports at The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: https://report.cybertip.org/



Please help stop from cyber bullying and harassing transgendered male-to-female individuals as well as other groups of people, including transgender teens. She has repeated used names, images, and screenshots of individual's user accounts and messages from Facebook, Twitter,and other social networking sites. She does so with intent to deface, derail, and openly discriminate against trans-women or anyone for that matter that she does not like. This behavior has been going on for years and her persistence is tactful with intentionally provoking individuals to get angry with her and then use this messages to claim that the individual is a woman hater. Her insanity and belligerence is disgraceful to anyone whom identitfies within and or supports the LGBTQ communities as well as women's rights. It is believed she uses her previous experience as an attorney to tactfully get away with her actions, claiming freedom of speech by posting peoples personal online information without consent. Freedom of speech is one matter, abuse of this freedom is another.

The main sites in question where she post personal info derailing trans-women:
http://pretendbian.wordpress.com/ and and http://privilegedenyingtranny.wordpress.com there is also other accounts that I am collecting at the moment, and will add them as I find them.

She provokes individuals using her facebook account and her twitter account and post without consent on these sites as well. She screen-shots the conversions as they are happening.

How to contact the domain name server for all wordpress sites including:  in which also has discrimination and cyber bullying. By contacting the domain name servers directly, a possible chance of removing the sites faster could be initiated. Both seemed to be owned by wordpress. Her previous tumbler account that contained similar abuse was shut down through another petition.

      Created on: 13-Dec-11
      Expires on: 13-Dec-12
      Last Updated on: 13-Dec-11

      Private, Registration 
      Domains By Proxy, LLC
      14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309
      Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
      United States
      (480) 624-2599      Fax -- (480) 624-2598

   Domain servers in listed order:


The Following Site Should Also be Informed of Her Actions: this could be her next attempt to repeat the abuse again though this site currently says under construction:



   Record expires on 25-Feb-2014.
   Record created on 25-Feb-2009.
   Database last updated on 23-Oct-2012 22:08:59 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:

Other places to make reports of abuse: Although the following abuse pages are for situations regarding this, repeatedly counter acts all complaints by saying you harassed her. Also be aware that both facebook and twitter could care less about any threat to children or minors and will usually avoid any investigation into the matter, however repeated reports may help remove her social networking accounts as well.

Her pretendbian site is on wordpress, you can use the wordpress complaint page to issues a complaint:

Facebook Abuse Violations Page:


Twitter Abuse Violations Page:



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This petition had 332 supporters

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