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Remember the 2.5 Million Mothers Whose Children Die of Preventable Diseases

2.5 million children die every year of diseases that vaccines can prevent.

Every one of them has a mother.

This Mother’s Day, remember the 2.5 million mothers.

Think of Angie (pictured), who lost two of her children to pneumonia in the same year as the civil war raged in Liberia.  See Angie's story:

Think of Deborah, who almost lost her son to a vaccine-preventable illness, despite the fact that she lived in the United States and had access to the best hospital care.  See Deborah's story:

And think of Tiemany Diarra, who lost her only children - her two daughters - to pneumonia, 6 months apart in the same room, in the same hospital, in Mali.  See Tiemany Diarra's story:


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