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Remember America's Lost Women: Create a National Day of Memory for Women and Girls Killed in the Name of Honor


In the US, honor violence is a crime that goes unnoticed and unrecognized. Women and girls are beaten, burned with acid and murdered right under our noses, but it is all too often overlooked.

Our first attempt to spread awareness about such horrific human rights abuses was the creation of our award-winning documentary film Honor Diaries. Now, we have teamed up with Jasvinder Sanghera CBE from Karma Nirvana UK to wake up the US by petitioning for a national day of memory for those victims who have been killed in the name of “honor”. Karma Nirvana has succeeded in creating a national day of memory on July 14th, and our hope is that we can create one on the same date in solidarity with the UK.

A family can feel that their honor is "tarnished" by their daughter acting or dressing too Western, having rumors spread about her, refusing to participate in a forced marriage, and, as we’ve sadly seen, even for merely looking at a boy.

Contrary to popular belief, honor violence does not just happen overseas. In the last several years alone we have seen honor killings in the United States make the news and shock the nation. According to a report by Phyllis Chesler, there are 33 known victims that have been murdered for honor in North America, including:

·      In St. Louis, Missouri, 16-year-old  Palestina "Tina" Isa was murdered by her Palestinian father with the aid of his wife. Her parents were dissatisfied with her "westernized" lifestyle.

·      Amina and Sarah Said, two teenage sisters from Texas were killed, allegedly by their Egyptian father, who is still at large.

·      In Arizona, Noor Almaleki, age 20, was killed by her father, an Iraqi immigrant, because she had refused an arranged marriage.

·      Waheed Allah Mohammad stabbed his 19-year-old sister, Fauzia, outside of their home in New York because he felt she wore immodest clothing and behaved too “Western”.

Please help us to leave a legacy and make July 14th a National Day of Memory for Women and Girls Killed in the Name of Honor. If these victims are not remembered we cannot hope to put an end to such horrific crimes against future generations of women and girls.

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