A response from the devs on the current chest limit in Terraria

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Storage Methods

Terraria has almost reached 4000 items. So where are you going to put all of them? In chests. Storage is of vital importance in Terraria. For some, throwing items in random chests is fine. Finding things this way is beyond difficult. For others there needs to be a basic layout where matching items all try to fit in a single chest. This makes finding things easier but eventually you'll have to split categories into multiple chests. Then there's people who store almost every item they've ever encountered into a mass organized system for access. These people are known as hoarders.


With almost 4000 unique items, Terraria is practically built for hoarders. The average hoarder pools all loot gathered after playthroughs into a single location to access. This slowly builds up overtime to the point that multiple chests are needed just for stacks of dirt! Once a collection has expanded far enough, the user will discover the frustrating chest limit.


The 1000 chest limit currently in Terraria may seem large for some people, but others know the true pain of making sacrifices just to keep the chest limit in quo. Players have to go out of their way to remove every natural chest from the world just to fit the amount of chests they need. Some players have to remove all dressers for aesthetic reasons due to their status as a storage container. Others have to make due with trapped chests, yet those have an awful glow to them that stands out like a sore thumb. But worst to come is when at the chest limit itself, the user will have to remove from their storage area just to make room for other builds in the world.

Some may think this is a recent issue, but this has been complained about for years. Bases like this one can never be finished due to this crippling setback. Of course it's very understandable why there is a chest limit in the world. Too many chests could negatively affect loading/saving time or generally cause lag in the world. But some players are willing to make the sacrifice for this.

And Finally

The devs have created so much for this community over the years and we give our thanks. We at least want a response from the devs about the chest limit to understand either why it stays that way or if it will ever be increased in the future. With that, the matter can finally be settled.

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