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Change ODFW policies to allow to transfer wolves to Western Oregon.

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Some wolves (the Imnaha pack) have been causing some trouble in Northeast Oregon. They have been involved in chronic livestock predation confirmed by Oregon Department of Wildlife (ODFW) and US Wildlife Services. According to the Oregon Wolf Management Plan these wolves' destiny is to be lethally removed.

ODFW removed a passage during the last update of the wolf management plan that would have allowed to relocate wolves who are in trouble.

According to Oregon Wild, Cascadia Wild, Defenders of Wildlife and other pro-wolf supporters, 80 percent of Oregonians have voiced their support of wolf introduction into Oregon.

Since at least 80 percent of Oregon's wolf supporters life on the west side of the Cascades it will be a natural and welcome transition of troubled wolves from Northeast Oregon to Western Oregon.

Please sign this petition to assist Western Oregon to be able to welcome wolves that need a chance to proof themselves in the beautiful Willamette Valley the wilderness areas of Mount Hood and beyond where they can succeed away from heavy livestock production on private land.

Wolf supporters have also reported that wolves do not carry disease that is dangerous to humans being, animals and wildlife. It has also been reported by wolf supporters that wolves will not attack people, and neither will they come close to human habitat.

In economic troubled times as these, wolves in Western Oregon would also add an immediate pool of additional revenue in the form of wolf eco-tourism that Oregon Wild and others have promoted in the past. Just outside of Urban and Metro areas it will allow western Oregonians and tourists to engage in a naturual wolf watching experience up close. The economic possibilities of having wolves in Western Oregon where the majority of Oregonians already reside should be endless.

Thus, Western Oregon would be best relocation place for wolves who have been involved in chronic livestock predation in Northeast Oregon. Help wolves not to get in trouble with livestock. Bring them home to Western Oregon.

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