Stop Reliance Properties Vancouver Renoviction

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Reliance Properties Vancouver is trying to raise our rent by $1100. They are trying to pressure us into signing new leases so they can accomplish this. If Reliance gets what they want, 3 families will be forced out of Vancouver and it will impact our jobs and ability to engage with the friends, communities, and lifestyle we have built over the years.

Gerard and I have been loyal tenants of Reliance for 20 years. We have paid them close to $300,000 in rent over those years. The reward we are going to get for this loyalty is eviction.

All three families have been financially harmed by the layoffs of the COVID19. We really can not afford to be hit by the ramifications of a global pandemic and the greed of a property developer trying to raise our rents by 90%. 

NEWS On our situation

They have given us three options as part of the Vancouver TRP and all three violate the signed agreement we have with Reliance. Reliance has given us until the end of February. they will rip up the contract and move to raise our rent or evict us if we do not sign a new version of the deal that will allow them to increase our rents over $1000. A billion-dollar company trying to squeeze every last dollar out of us, pressuring us with deadlines, sending threatening emails.

We need people to let Reliance Properties and the Vancouver City Mayor Kennedy Stewart know that this is unacceptable and must not be allowed. We must take a stand against duplicitous politicians looking for massive developer dollars and developers looking to buy older buildings with intentions to rebuild new luxury high rises. Then skyrocketing our rental market rates. There needs to be accountability to the citizens of this city and their renters. With your support, we can show our councillors that this issue matters to us all.

Thank you for your support.  

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Reliance has today committed to taking no action with respect to our tenancy until the end of April.  Thank you, signatories, to this petition you have helped. We need even more. Please share this petition and increase its power.