The Future Great Firewall of India

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A company should not get to decide what's good and bad for a nation of almost 1.3 billion. This ban on porn websites is just one of the few things wrong with internet censorship in India. In 2011, India banned And India banned porn for a few days in the country. This is outrageous. Reliance Jio with its increasing muscle and reach in India combined with it's connection to the Indian government is a threat to the rights of Indian citizens. We can access any material we want as long as it's legal and no one company should decide what we do with  our internet connection as long as we do not hurt others financially or in any other way. This is just the beginning of a much bigger and worrying trend. The worsening condition of human rights in India and the excessive use of Internet kill switches. If we let them have their win, soon we will become like China and will create a "Great firewall of India". Please sign this Petition and fight for our rights! Fight for India!