Release the remaining Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters uncut episodes from 2004

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters was one of the major catalysts to the sudden success of English Dubbed anime for western audiences. The only problem here, however, is that English dub of the anime is 17 years old. Years ago, the standards for dubbing anime were drastically different. Most English dubs were treated as a cartoon production aimed for children, and the content had to suit that audience. Most people enjoyed watching the series as children, but it's a different story as adults.

The glaring censorship, and the dialogue, plot, setting, and character changes have not aged well and can be extremely distracting. What's worse, newcomers will most likely get turned away from these distractions as there's zero nostalgia factor with their viewing experience.

The original Japanese version of the anime was practically a different show. Many major plot elements are different, and the setting was in Japan rather than America. There was a completely different soundtrack. The show was portrayed as what it was, which was an anime.

Eventually, after Duel Monsters completed it's English Dub run, 4Kids, the company responsible for the show's production continued to release extremely censored dubs, including Sonic X, One Piece, and later iterations of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

This is where things get really disappointing.. In 2004, an actual uncut dub of the series was produced! The dub was distributed via dvd, with 3 episodes per release. It was practically everything you could expect from an uncut release, and that includes an unaltered plot, setting, dialogue, and soundtrack! The only thing that wasn't changed from the tv version were the names of some of the characters for continuity reasons, which is understandable.

Now, those of you who are reading this and aren't aware of this uncut version are probably wondering why there's a petition about this. The reason why is because there were only 3 releases, with a planned 4th one never seeing the light of day. People have cited legal reasons as to why the dub was canceled, but there was never anything official from 4Kids.

This petition is assuming that 4Kids did not simply dub only 12 episodes and call it quits. We are asking Konami Cross Media, the company that is now responsible for distribution of Yu-Gi-Oh! media to western audiences to investigate what happened with this canceled uncut dub, and to consider putting the unreleased episodes on a streaming platform such as Netflix or Hulu. 4K Media (Now Konami Cross Media) took a huge step in the right direction with the Dark Side of Dimensions movie by releasing it with far less censorship than the tv series, and it was a massive success.

Why not go further and release the uncut dubbed episodes and perhaps test the waters and see if there's still interest in the original Duel Monsters anime, even if that means overcoming any legal hurdles that are preventing it from being released? Even if the episodes don't exist or if there's no way they can legally be released, then consider re-dubbing episodes 10-12 and perhaps more to see if there's interest! Old-school Yu-Gi-Oh! fans and anime fans alike would highly appreciate it!