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Petitioning Dean - Harvard Medical School Jeffrey Scott Flier, MD and 1 other

RELEASE the primates from Harvard's New England Primate Research Center!

According to the New England Primate Research Center (NEPRC):

“The primates will either be transitioned to other sites, including the other national primate research centers, or be managed at the NEPRC in accordance with approved protocols.”

In other words, rather than be relieved of laboratory tests, the more than 2,000 primates at the NEPRC at Harvard Medical School will simply be sent to other laboratories and continue to be used in experimental testing. As wonderful as it is to know there will be one less facility, the future of the primates in question is a vital issue.

Tell the President of Harvard University and the Dean of Harvard's Medical School that these primates warrant a gratifying future at a sanctuary for the remainder of their lives, not further examination at another research center!

This petition was delivered to:
  • Dean - Harvard Medical School
    Jeffrey Scott Flier, MD
  • President - Harvard University
    Drew Faust

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