Release the original Sonic Movie (The one with the weird teeth)

Release the original Sonic Movie (The one with the weird teeth)

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Started by Caleb Bush

We all remember that fateful day in April of 2019 when paramount dropped the first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie that had reportedly been in development for years.

     The trailer features what seems to be a monster from the planet Beetlejuice with small eyes and terrifying teeth jamming out to Gangsters Paradise. His teeth came straight from a horror movie and his body proportions were wacky too, as he looked like that scrawny kid from gym class that got hit in the face seven times and a half.

     Most people on the internet hated this design, spawning several memes and fan redesigns. Eventually, Paramount delayed the project and fixed Sonic. 

     But I kind of liked the old design. It looked charming in its own strange egotistical maniac kind of way, and the animation looked nice. This is why we must DEMAND they release the original version of the movie. "Sonic: The MEOW? Cut."
     Even if the movie is just as bad, or even worse then that first trailer showed, imagine how funny it would be watching beady eyed sonic fight Jim Carry. Imagine all the new memes that would pop up from this movie. That is why we must all let Paramount know, "RELASE THE MEOW? CUT," gangsters paradise and all, preferably in theatres.

     Use the hashtag #ReleaseTheOGSonicMovie on any and all social media platforms.

26 have signed. Let’s get to 50!