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We have been anticipating this for a long time. It is valuable information that can be useful even before the indexing is complete. Large numbers of people have volunteered to help. The Library and Archives Canada has been vague when it should be transparent and detailed. Among other things, it would enhance family values, especially for those researching WWI vets.

Letter to
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages The Honourable Shelly Glover
Manager, Stakeholder & International Relations Hilary Morgan
Please release the 1921 Census now.

The 1921 Canadian Census is an essential resource for researchers and ordinary people around the world. Given its proximity to the First World War, veteran's families have expressed a particular need for these details of their heritage.

It was supposed to have been released publicly on June the 1st, 2013, but it is still unavailable. The LAC has only said, on June the 4th, that it should be out "in a few weeks" which could be three or more than fifty-two.

It is an international embarrassment, especially in comparison to the recent 1940 US census project. By heralding the US release, crowd-sourcing the indexing, and encouraging the cooperation of public, corporate, religious and other groups, the US digitalization was completed quickly and with minimal errors.

Almost as important, citizens and non-Americans came away with a sense of ownership of these 'dusty old records,' pride in the accomplishment, and an enhanced closeness of so many different peoples.

On June the 17th, LAC sources claimed that the job is finished and on their servers, but political directives have stopped further activity. The LAC has been hobbled by cutbacks, had their bosses fired, and even publicly criticized by the former Director for the creation of a 'pay-wall.'

Please provide an immediate release of the data, even if it is still incomplete. We need transparent, detailed explanations of all such efforts, now and in the future.

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